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July 24, 2009


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Auntie Pammie

Great blog Tess, I think sebbie describes the visual side of this fire best....
I am glad you are all safe and out of harms way. We are thinking and praying for you.. dont think a little fire is going to stop me from coming to see you !!
Tell Mom she looked fine for her interview.
Love to you all
Auntie Pammie and bebe
ps) call if you need ANYTHING!!!

Odila Braga

Wow, what a hot summer story!! Since you are all well and out of danger we can look into the social side of the story, which is: loved seeing Cerys, Cela and Maureen. The 3're looking very well, very comfortable and very at easy. Tess, the girls have grown, hey? They're above Maureen's waist!! What are you giving them to eat? I guess when it's all back to routine in HK, you will need some vacation from the verb "pack", no? Love Odila


That was so cool to see your Mum and some of the kids (and you?? In the brown??) walking along! It is like seeing celebrities! LOL

Charles (or you??) said something on FB so I quickly asked my brother (who lives in Kelowna) if he knew of anyone that could take you all in. Alas, he did not. He has a teeny place and is a single man, so there was no way he could. He has been e-mailing me since, asking after you, worried that you are alright. Isn't it amazing how people can come together and help in times like this?? He can't help, but wanted to and is now concerned for you all!

I knew God would work it out for you! We were there in 2003 when this happened then as well. It is scary, sad and yet somehow kind of pretty? At least it was then. Maybe I am just weird.

Glad you are safe and praying that the fires are out ASAP and all can return to normal. What a memorable trip!

Lucy Moran

I'm so glad you are all alright. What an ordeal. I hope you can return to Fintry to finish your holiday. Love Lucy


What a scary interruption to a holiday! So glad all are safe.


Maureen you were cool calm and collected as always.

Louise M

I have been wondering if you were at Fintry or not. My Aunt lives in Westbank and was evacuated. Then I heard about Fintry and hoped the family was doing ok. The news said that some residents didn't evacuate, glad you did. I agree with the comment about your Mum on the news, just like seeing celebrities. Your Mum is very well spoken, very calm, didn't allow the reporter to make it a "sensation" story. Kudoos to her.

Keeping the family in my prayers.


Tess, please feel free to come to the Island...we have a travel trailer and access to an ocean front campsite. The trailer sleeps six comfortable - plus we have a spare room at our house for anyone else. Don't hesitate as our home is your home....a big back yard, lots of kids toys .... just keep us in mind.

XO (i'm glad you are safe!)


I am so pleased you are all ok!

What a scare for you all.


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