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July 07, 2009


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Too funny about the rubbish recyclers and the thongs!
Wishing you blessings in your new home, and many happy times there. You will always have the happy memories of your old place, and photos too.
Sounds like you are finishing the move with flying colours - way to go!

Dad aka GDad Blake

I will send you a cat in a scuba suit to find fish#3.
PS...You spell THINGS with an I not an O.
LOve to all....Dad

Dad aka GDad Blake


Loved your blog and am so impressed with what you have achieved. Way to go,babe :-) And will see you very soon now! In Prince George this evening (Tuesday) and tomorrow we are dropping everything off at Fintry enroute to Vancouver - Dad's stroke of total brilliance. 4 more sleeps, sweetheart :-)

M xox


But, who will watch the fish when you go to Canada?


Can't believe you've almost completed the move. I'm so happy that your search and the insanity of not knowing where you'd be living next is now over for the time being.

That box will show up. It will be some place unexpected that you've walked through/by a dozen times, I'm sure.

Any chance for a photo of what you see from the new place, so I can imagine it more accurately?

Have a safe trip over & know that my summer will not be the same without you (but it will be like the summers we've already had, so I'll cope.)

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