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July 01, 2009


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You handled that brilliantly. I nearly drowned as a child and I remember it well. But the strangest thing is that I don't recall any fear, any guilt, any embarrassment. I had asked about that in my later years if my memory of jumping off a high diving board unsupervised was real or imaginary - I described it at length in the retelling. Both parents said it was real but downplayed to minimize any further trauma. I ply that advice to my own wee ones. What you did was so perfect, so reassuring, calm and collected. You take strength in your faith, it hasn't steered you wrong. XO (I just wish it could be calm and reassuring for the parents...)

Mo aka Maureen aka Grandmother aka Mum

As you said, darling, "Is there a right way to handle it?" How you handled it was very well done, I think. How horrible for you, Sela and everyone involved. And now Jasper - we will be praying for that fever to go down. You go, girl, and take care of yourself in all of this.
Much love, M xox


Amen to the outcome, amen indeed!
My Darling, stop beating yourself... you coped VERY well, there is no recipe as how a dedicated mother behaves and the way you did was perfect, just fine...hope Sela is ok with going back to water now, because she will have loads of beaches to visit when the Caldwell Team comes to visit us in Panama!!
Love, Odila

Dad aka GDad Blake

You did well sweetheart. Remind mom to tell you of our experience one time back in the 1970,s when we were at Jericho Beach.

Love to all....Dad


You handled it perfectly.

Kids need to understand the dangers of water, but not to be fearful of it. You guided her well. It is terrifying to see how quickly fun can move to tragic or near tragic times.

Give Janne an extra special hug from me to say thank you for being attentive, when it is so easy to become distracted for even a second.

Get back to the pool when you can, so that Sela moves through this and doesn't get stuck in it. Same goes for you. Don't get stuck, just move forward.

And say a few prayers of thanks and for those that aren't so fortunate.

I adore you all.


Auntie Pammie

This particular blog made me cry but not a happy cry, it was a cry for you and how that whole situation would have felt. I am so glad to read that Sela is ok, she will bounce back no problems!! You be kind to yourself as well :-)
Love you lots and see you soon!!


Hi darling,

I wanted to be sure to say one extra thing. It is really important for everyone (adults included) to remember that floating is an important skill to rely on when we're swimming. It really should be the first reaction we all have when we're tired, panicked, or overwhelmed - otherwise exhaustion can set in far too quickly, and treading water becomes tricky.

Maybe some practice as a reminder?



Thank God Sela is okay, and thank God for Janne. I imagine it will be tempting to spend the next day or two second-guessing all your decisions and responses, but it sounds like you did very well. Better than I might have!

I think you are right to play it low-key with the children. You may want to talk about lessons learned, or rules for water safety, but not about what might have happened.

Best wishes to Jasper, Sela and all of you for a quick recovery.

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