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July 10, 2009


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Maureen Lyons aka Mum aka Mo

Beautiful, Tess. I have had - so many loved family and friends have had - the privilege and pleasure of being part of 6A. Thank you for the memories. And now, the next phase - 4D! Can't wait.

Much love, M xox

Maureen Lyons aka Mum aka Mo

Your mother has advised me that if 4d isn't suitable we will make room,in Yellowknife, for the 6-8 of you but there might not be room for the 3 fish.

Love to all....Dad(but at Mo's address).

Auntie Pammie

On to the next adventure(s) that life and the new flat hold for you, I cant wait to see you in the very near future!


Glad your home had so many good memories, moving is always an emotional thing. Glad your new home will soon be filled with many more amazing memories and lots of kids and lots of noise and lots of love and laughing.


Beautifully said, Tess!

Lucy Moran

That was a lovely reflection Tess. I have so many wonderful memories of 6A ... but thankfully I've been into a D flat and can easily picture you all set up. I am so thrilled for you all that you didn't have to leave 122. Enjoy your summer in Canada.
Love Lucy


What a writer you are! All these years of emotions and history were very well put in this posting of yours! What a feeling of satisfaction you and Charles must have of being able to enjoy so much history together! Good for you! Love and have a second round of a blast at 4D, Odila


I recollect the days on the TTC boards. Many blessings . always!!!

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