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August 22, 2009


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Auntie Pammie

Ahhh , and such a cute drawing of a sperm you did :-)

Mo aka Mum aka Grandmother

I would like all readers of this blog to know that I was of immense help to Tess as she had this conversation with the children!!

Saintly Mo

Dad aka grandad Blake

Pam said I ould use her computer as there is a very serious matter to deal with. Do you know that storks and cabbage patch owners could suffer economic losses as a result of your presentation?
Love to all.....Dad


How many kids have photos to see from the time they learned "how babies are made?" That is what I want to know.

And the sneezing bit? Nearly coughed my diet coke on the screen. Bring a whole new meaning to "Bless you." :)


PS - until your post, my favorite explanation was this one here:




Bravo! Great and funny explanation and surely, trauma less! Love, Odila


Love the Fairy liquid bit - really clever of you! If kids don't mention it again, they were satisfied with the explaination; and should they have another question, they will approach you.


Impressed my Tess. I totally messed it up with Daniel and my girls haven't asked yet. Also love the sneezing willy!

Erin Anderson

Dear Saintly Mo (although I'm not so sure about the "saint" part after that picture of Mr. and Mrs. Saint!): I'll just bet you were a big help! I could just picture your innocent smile to accompany your oh so helpful clarification!!

As usual, you crack me up, Tess! You handled that with so much class--I'm afraid I'm just not that quick on my feet!



Sneezed huh? Sounds like you did well.


good for you for coming through arguably the toughest part of parenthood with grace and without children who still believe in the stork.

personally i just sidestep the question and tell s that he got stuck and had to come out the side exit.


Hey Tess... well done on a tough conversation!... love the props btw and I laughed out loud at the "sneezing Willie" reference - too funny :-)

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