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August 08, 2009


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Oh Tess - Hang in there. I know when Charles shows up, all will be well. He will have missed the children and always has great ideas. Together you will pull the remaining three weeks into something wonderful, I just know you will. Try to get caught up on your sleep, nap if you can. I know, not easily accomplished, but some rest will be a big help through the home stretch. XO

Auntie Pammie

Im with you Tess, this has been a challenging time on one and all. The move today went smoothly and it was successful in many many ways. Your MC will be here tomorrow and things will change for the better.If you get hungry there is a great chunk of steak wwrapped in paper towel waiting for you ..Love P xo


Does it help to know that I don't loathe one thing about you?

I'm putting in extra time hoping for a change in tides for the remainder of your trip, and if that isn't to happen, then an easy trip home.

Take care & know we love you - weary & all.



If you want to get entirely away from that area for awhile, we plan to be home for the remainder of the summer & you're all welcome to come & hang out here for however long you want or need to. With the new trailer as an extra guest room, there's space for everyone, a big yard for kids to play in, a playground just down the street & a nice swimming beach not too far away.


Thinking of you and the kids Tess. Tallinn and Zahlia can't wait to see you all.

Odila Braga

Oh darling Tess, what are bootcamps good for? Nothing but loosing extra calories from summer holidays, so go ahead and eat all these Canadian delicacies you can't find in HK guiltless. Hope Charles's arrival was smooth and that you were able to have at least a couple of hours on your own, doing whatever Tess felt like it, in order to have your batteries re-charged!
Love and many hugs


Hi folks, Just wondering how you are all getting along. The wires have been silent on the fires here in To for awhile as local storms & damage overshadow the news. Hang in there Tess, I agree with Odila: do what you have to do to get through a really tough situation and look forward to greens, lean meats and your own bed when you get back to HK and your new digs. MOVE has really been a theme for your family this summer ne c'est pas? Love and hugs to all, Auntie C


wow. I simply can not imagine. All the things you listed as really needing, are like real things to not be without:) Medicine, toys, it's all major. I do hope things get better and can seriously understand your attitude with Charles shows up. Good for you to see what could happen and trying to do what you can to avoid the wrong attitude taking over.
How is the fire??


Dear Tess, I ate most of a whole medium-sized pizza last night by myself. I know that doesn't help you, but I feel better saying it in public. I'd really rather be with you, cuddling the kids and helping out with driving, cooking, whatever. I hope you and Mo and Blake can get some rest and feel better soon. I think about you all every day and am glad that Charles is there now. "This too shall pass." Much love xo


Poor all of you - not a holiday at all. Oh, well at least you did not lose anything or anyone!

There are worse things that could have happened, as you know.

Keeping you in my thoughts on your not-holiday!

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