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September 27, 2009


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I adore these kind of scientific reports. What on earth are they comparing the children tested to? Um, the person they might have been? What hogwash; and as you say Tess, what are you supposed to do about it? Go shopping for more IQ points? You have to eventually laugh, it is not going to change much in your or your children's lives!

AS they used to say in school 'Carry on regardless'.

Dad aka GDad Blake

I think the report is wrong. Many times this summer I asked Sebbie and the trips difficult questions and every answer they gave was absolutely correct.
Love to all.....Dad

Mo aka Maureen aka Grandmother aka Mum

"Amen!" to your attitude on this topic, Tess. You and your kids are just great.

Love, M xox


Wonderful attitude, Tess!

Albert Einstein

Too bad Blake got the question Sela asked him wrong! See... you have very bright kids! And besides, everything is relative.


Good God that is silly, and this is coming from an IQ tester! There are far too many factors involved to attribute any causation this concrete. Honestly, it's rubbish.


...and at the end of the day, an IQ test is merely a set of statistically "significant" results based on a prescribed set of questions and answers. For some really great information on kids and brilliance, check out Dr. Adam Cox (Boys of Few Words) and his latest research on Brilliance Beyond IQ. Now that, made sense to me. Besides, those four little angels are probably so brilliant anyway, a loss of 9 pts might just help the rest of us catch up! Love and hugs to all, Auntie Carolyn

Super Bobb

Hello Tess and Charles. I would not worry about this situation to much as you also needed to take care of your health as well. Pammie says you did the right thing and she supports you to inifinity and beyond. Love always Bobb


Well Tess, I was talking in the weekend to a guy from church who is doing his PhD on the impact of negativity on children's ability. The research seems to be indicating that if a child has a positive attitude towards a problem/subject they are more likely to succeed than their counterparts who may have the same (or greater) IQ but a negative attitude (ie "I can't do this"). So he is finding that with subjects such as maths, long term ability seems to be more linked to attitude than IQ. I'm sure that you and Charles will be instilling a positive attitude in your children therefore they will do well no matter whether their IQ is below or above their peers.

Love to you all, Trinie


One final thing to add to this discussion...your children are exposed to such a colourful and enriched life and have already faced such incredible odds that this study is so miniscule in your lives. Really, you have the perfect attitude and the most beautiful family that its too bad you guys weren't part of the study as you may have brought the bell curve back up again!!

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