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September 25, 2009


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Dad aka GDad Blake

I once knew a chap who tried to make shoes from banana peels. They didn't make good shoes but turned out to be great slippers.

Love to all......Dad
Laugh or else I'll type it again!!!


Are we allowed to groan, "Dad?" :)

Love the images, Tess, and I am constantly touched by the number of kids who are not as lucky as ours (even though mine can't see banana trees out their school windows!!)

Best wishes on your trip--your foursome are "lucky" for another, far greater reason: parents who care enough to show their faith in action!


Odila Braga

Oh my dear Tess, do I wish I were Seb's teacher to see bananas from my office or do I wish I were in this field trip??? I SO LOVE bananas!! One of the great things about living in Panama, is that it's a country RICH in banana and they too mix bananas in their dishes, just perfect posting this one is going to be, LOL!!
Love, Odila

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