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September 24, 2009


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Louise M

Beautiful post, I am so glad you got to see him again.


That was beautiful. We are like that with Melo....and so sad and happy when she left us to be with her own family. We are now looking again, but how do you find a caregiver/helper with the 'it' factor with you children? It is rare and it came along when you needed it the most.

Mo aka Maureen aka Grandmother aka Mum

Ohhhhh Tess. It just makes me ache to read your blog and remember those times when Lita and De lived with you and gave so much of themselves to your family. What a privilege to know them. I too look forward to seeing the three of them in Canada.

Love, M xox

Dad aka GDad Blake

Isn't it great when your status changes from employer-employee to friends.
Love to all...Dad

Auntie pammie

What a great surprise to se De! I wish he, Lita and Melissa all the best!
Love Auntie Pammie and Alex


Tess isn't it wonderful that they will all finally be re-united. It has been a priviledge to have known such self-sacrificing people, and to know that they will finally have a life together. Love Lucy


I am so glad to hear that Lita, De & Melissa will soon be together!

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