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September 17, 2009


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Dad aka GDad Blake

OK! Now you have opened the floodgate.When Mo reads about the situation at 112HK she will start packing and arrive on your doorstep ( she will wait patiently for someone to turn the doorknob)ring the doorbell then boot the door open and sing out a welcome to all assembled.
She is humming Mary Poppins tunes which is a good indication of her immediate plans.
Please immediately contact her and report all is well and she should unpack.

Love to all....Dad

Odila Braga

Ouch my friend... indeed a VERY hard morning you had... in these days, it's good to remember that days last only 24 hours, no? A new sun rise will bring a whole new atmosphere for you.
Love and hugs


You write with such honesty that it reminds me of a class where we had to grade ourselves. Of course that changed things up a bit and aside from the one kid we all remember, we all underscored what we deserved. Good people are always underselling themselves. You did not fail - you were honest in front of your children...who learn that it is ok to have a bad day and rise above it. You are so real and refreshing. Don't be so hard on yourself.


Aw, honey, a few bad hours in 24 that a day bring? You'll all recover, lessons learned by all - even if it takes a few fits & starts to fully *get* them.

Wish I could've given a hug to the one person in the room who sounds like she could have used a few tears herself to cleanse the spirit.

Deep breath, inhale, exhale. Smile. There's always something to test us, isn't there?



Awe Tess, I hope it has gotten a lot better. I too had the same type of morning with my three, although I get to stew in the guilt for a week as they are going to be with their dad. Sometimes when all hell is breaking loose and I wonder who these children are, I get a little giggle out of the fact that I'm supposed to be the grown up when really all I want to do is have a tantrum with them :)



i totally understand having a day. i'm constantly amazed you get through it all with grace and dignity.


"the swayzes stayed together throughout their infertility, presented a united front, and from the little i know, based on his pubic behaviour and comments,"

Well, I don't remember any pubic moments, do you know more than you are letting on Tess?

Sorry; it made me grin like mad!!
And your bad day; - we all have them, but you will have more, you have more little strong personalities around, and you have to appease all of them!

Thinking of you and your much loved challenges ;-))

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