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October 26, 2009


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Amen to that! I recently read a quote which said "A good home cannot be bought, it must be made". Of course, I am so very conscious of the concept of home at the moment as we look to move again and I know I am blessed - because, as you said, we and love can build a wonderful home wherever we are....

Looking forward to being able to share mine with you!


Dad aka GDad Blake

Now if you really want to add something wonderful to your home....get a dog.

Love to all....Dad

Odila Braga

Dear Tess, this posting of yours came right on the week that we mayghgh beghgh able to finally enter our home after 6 months of playing gypsy! Needless to say that it brought tears to my eyes... yes, it's a big blessing to have 4 walls to call home and Joel and I have been quite aware of that and have satisfactory called home all the hotel rooms and temporary rented flat we had lately. Sometimes we just can't be picky about definitions and just invent new definition to an old concept no? Love. Odila


Ah, this post brought back memories! While riding a bus through the busy streets of Pusan, South Korea the summer before last, the Korean music that had been playing was suddenly interrupted by John Denver singing "take me home, country roads"! We sang along delighted to be exactly where we were in that moment but also thinking about home & loved ones far away.

Auntie Pammie

Great post as usual Tess!


Oh poor Seb, to have his exploits thrown open to the world. But you all seem to have so much fun around that town.

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