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October 23, 2009


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Mo aka Maureen aka Grandmother aka Mum

Oh, Oh and Oh!!! Tess, what a few action-packed days you have had :-) Glad you are the one handling it all and not me!

Love you, M xox

Dad aka GDad Blake

Well at least the boys have decided to follow the fine example set by their grandfather.

Love to all( hold the kisses) Dad


Uh oh, starting out early. I can see Charles will be having fits in ten years (or less) with all the boyfriends.

Auntie Pammie

I must remember to not be eating while reading your blog.. I nearly choked on my Mini Wheats!!! I have so much to look forward to!! Hang in there Tess!!
Love Auntie Pammie and Alex xo


I hate to be the one that rains on your parade but watch out for that "the older girls asked me if I wanted to play..." The boys will forget the next day with the hockey sticks etc. The "older girls" have just registered that Sela can be talked into stuff that they know is not acceptable but that Sela will get away with because she is younger - and they don't have to accept any responsibility. In grade 1 its easy with "Kissy Girl" You don't want to know what happens by grade 11. Good Luck - love, and kisses, to all, Auntie C


Hey! I can help with the bus/taxi thing! But not the kissing... sorry. You pay for a bus ride first because it is a set fee from stop to stop. A taxi is paid at the end because they charge for distance as well as time! And you don't know how long it takes until you get there :-) Hope that helps with SOME of the mother stress today...

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Your kids are great! Don't you love to be around them? Makes you smile all over. And makes me smile too as I read them. Thanks!


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