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October 29, 2009


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Dad aka GDad Blake

There are lots of reasons to volunteer.The Seniors organizations need help, the councils for the disadvantaged need help, kids sports need help,the SPCA needs help.Volunteer work is rewarding and your mother tells me it might get me to Heaven and what really appeals to me is that the ticket is FREE!
Love to all...Dad


I know I left a message, but I think you have a new preview then post feature or something. I wanted to say that it wasn't a boring post. It is an inspiring one.

I wanted to let you know, too, that because of the influence you've had in my life, dear Gayle, I asked S. about doing some volunteering around here as a couple. He, apparently, gets weekly updates about such goings on, and we're going to start saying yes, rather than hitting delete on the keyboard. He simply thought I didn't have the energy or heart of late, but you've changed that for me.

Swinging a hammer might feel really, really good, right about now, you know?

Love and adore you!

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