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November 03, 2009


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Thanks for sharing the video, Tess. That's powerful.


I'll be back when the world here is awake to watch - but I'm so happy that you've successfully survived and thrived in the hectic week you had laid out when when last caught up.

Am anxiously awaiting an update of various topics.

Maybe in the next few days we can catch each other?

Dad aka GDad Blake

For a young lady who has the honour of being born on St. Patrick's day you did a fine job of raising a lot of green for a noble cause.

Love to all....Dad


Tess, can you please send me some information about how I can do some of these things? For example, how does one sponsor rice for a village? How can you be sure that the money actually goes to the village and isn't eaten up in administrative costs like many groups have? I would like to help, don't have much and a husband out of work, but I hate the idea of anyone being hungry so much.

Stella Schapero

Hi, Tess. I just saw your post. Lovely to hear others enjoy my assemblages. I hope you are still enjoying my art - and hope we get to meet at the next banquet.

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