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December 29, 2009


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Mad Scientist

Come on now, out of the cage, pick it up, start reading.... that's it, that's it...

Auntie Pammie

I have no idea what you are talking about , but if it is enviromentally friendly I LOVE IT!!! xoxo


I got a Kindle too, and I feel exactly the way you do. If that book is only $4 cheaper than buying a hardcover on Amazon...hmmm. And if Kindle ends up being just another nail in the coffin of publishing (as somebody about to start marketing their own first novel) I'll be sorry to have taken part. On the other hand, getting access to books that are hard to find overseas -- I live in Japan -- will be wonderful, given that Amazon's shipping charges are pretty high. So...we'll see.


$4 less than hardcover means what, $5 more than paperback? Hope you enjoy it.


Hey Tess..... I also have a kindle and I LOVE IT!... honestly the more I use it the more I'm enjoying it... have you downloaded (free) the Kindle for PC?.... from here you can manage your books online (it automatically syncs with your Kindle and even notes how much of the book you've read), see your full library and manage your account.... you can also see the notes you've made as you have read the book on the pages where you made the notes (if that makes sense :-) )..... Cheers!


You can also share books with your online "Kindle for PC"... you can authorise other Kindles to read the books you've downloaded as long as only one Kindle is reading the book at a time... just like real life!


Yeah, my hubby and I were just talking about it- books still seem a better value to us, because I don't have to pay for a device that will let me read it. If I've dropped a significant amount of my money on a reading device, I feel I should save a lot on the price of the book!
Will definately be interested to see how you like it, though- the idea of saving space is an attractive one.

Celine Gazes

I got a kindle too, and Amazon has classic literature (public domain stuff) for the kindle that is FREE...I am currently reading the original Sherlock Holmes ;)

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