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December 24, 2009


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WOW you are a BRAVE woman! I couldn't even do the shots myself during our IVF cycle. I made Jong do it. At least I can cut their nails. Haha. Oh and I was able to snip out the Thomas train from Abigail's hair/head last week. :D

Tess Lyons Fan Club

We are all VERY impressed and concur!

Queen Mary Hospital

Wah... so dangerous already!


Excellent job!

Christmas Blessing to you and your family.

Winnie Koo

Wow!! Terrible!! but well done, Tess and Jasper!
U both are so brave!!
Tess, u're a experienced nurse!! u did good assesment on evnironment (wipe with alcohol, lighting), equipment (tools that u need and sterilization), manpower (batman, ha..ha.. also for comfort)
hope Jasper's wound got a good union! and u dont need to do it again!
and shall i introduce my elder brother to u? he's a ENT surgeon, working in Central. I think he can help, simple as kids or u both with running nose/ flu or even a suture or a surgery. (Johnny Koo, M: 60522455) He's a kind and experience man, esp. u're my friend!! ha.haa..

Merry Christmas!!

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