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December 20, 2009


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One of the things that was a classic about this incident, though, was when Sebastian yelled at the top of his lungs... "WHERE'S THE PARENT?!"

Auntie Pammie

I probably would have bit her. good restraint on the parents part!!

Mo aka Maureen aka Grandmother aka Mum

Ai Ya! Poor JJ. This has been quite a week of physical injuries for Jasper :-( I love you, Jay.

KP - Yellowknife

NN Grant says, next time, bite him back. Give him the pirate ARRRGH!


Hi Tess, my first visit to your blog and your comment here. Your kids were wonderful before lunch, at lunch and after lunch. Simply very well behaved..as for a mom whose son has just been bitten, you were also well behaved. I would've disgraced myself & my son by giving this other mom an earful on good manners, of adults, not kids!! Hope J has recovered from the bite! Merry Xmas!


So sorry this happened. Love Seb yelling "where's the parent!?" Sounds just like my kids. We often wonder where the parents are around here as well.

We have a boy in our home school group who we feel VERY bad for. NO one likes him or wants to be around him because his parents refuse to teach him what is socially acceptable. They stand around beaming proudly at anything he or his younger brother do. Including beating on the younger kids!?! They REFUSE to step in and stop it. The kids stick their tongues out at the parents and run away??

The older one, who is 6, will poke the kids, jump on them, HIT THEM, etc etc and the parents honestly just stand there watching. The 6 year old smashed a kid in the face the other day at our gymnastics class, and the little one's head flew back into the head of the child behind him in line. That child got a bloody lip from it AND got his head bashed into a bar that was behind him. The father saw the entire thing and finally took his son out of class. The owners of the gymnastics place do nothing and much of us want to quit because of this boy. People are getting hurt! It is just insane! Any time any of us step in, the boy mouths off to us and tells us he doesn't need to listen to us. He calls the coach NAMES!?!? It is a real pickle. The parents are most odd and the kids suffer for it:( These kids are not going to have any friends if someone doesn't do something.


Sorry, I was feeling all serious and had a respectful and sympathetic response but 'Where's the parent' is just too funny! Cannot BELIEVE she would carry on yakking on the phone. You are such a winner mom lovely Tess. x

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