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January 17, 2010


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Mo aka Maureen aka Grandmother aka Mum

I agree, Tess. It does sound like a glamorous and joy-filled day. Just the simple pleasures but often they "are just so very very good." Love you, darling.

Dad Lyons

I can't remember if it is football heroes or rugby heroes who sleep best when their mom leaves the hall light on.

Love to all....Dad

Odila Braga

Oh Tess, I loved reading all and had fun picturing the markets wondering, the ladies market, the buses with mentos but best of all was to read about JJ's future... oh how so adorable!! Love, Odila


It sounds not glamourous, but divine - you spent the day with some of your most favourite people in the whole world, seeing them achieve, enjoy, thrill and delight. Those really ARE the best days!
Now, about those ugg boots. My kids need some too - fancy a return visit in a couple of weeks????

Cliff Hanger

... and now that we've watched those episodes, all we know is that the Irish guy has Wayne Doug Rich Malloy's son. Grrr...

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