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February 22, 2010


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Dad Lyons

Once my hearing aid is repaired I will find out if Mo's assessment re: noise levels is true.
\love to all.....Dad

Mo aka Maureen aka Grandmother aka Mum

OK, time to repent for the second time! I apologized on Charles' blog for causing such angst amongst two of the greatest parents I know. Ai ya!


Hmm, might have heard them from here, but the trips + 1 across the street seem to be drowning them out.


The two greatest parent you know huh!!!!! And who are the mythical others? Just wait let me guess, I bet they live in a place that rhymes with Bellowsmyffe. Hugs and Kisses to all. See you soon. But on a real note. A very Happy Birhtday to the kids Carys, Sela, and Jasper. Love Unkle Bobb


Sweetheart, its only because you have four of them around....divide them in half and its twice as quiet. Of course they are loud, they want to be heard over the din of the others. Which is a wonderful thing in itself, the desire to be heard....now if you figure out the secret in lowering the decibels, please let me know! Because I don't believe you are immune, just like all moms in the same boat - you have exhausted all your tricks and need time to think up more....


Yep it's loud but it's family and something that shouldn't be extinguished. You never want to give up those golden moments of noise when everyone is laughing together.


Its a good loud though! A big happy birthday to your noisey normal bunch. (Ask Tertia about her critters and loud!)


I'm with Jill!!! Speaking from a family with four kids (7, 5, 4, and 2.5 years old) It can't help but be loud!!! It's the lay of the land for now...We are a loud family too... no we are not yelling at each other in anger...but b/c we can't hear each other..it's hard to be quiet when there is sooo much excitement over life! Enjoy it... are they quiet when it counts? at school, church, etc..if they are then you are on the right track... Love you and miss you...and I wish all 8 of our kids could play and be LOUD together! xo lyns


I don't know about you Tess, but I start to worry and begin looking around the house when it is quiet. That usually means one (or more!) of my 4 children is up to something heinous!


Happy Birthday!

[Loud seems to go with the territory, doesn't it?]

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