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March 17, 2010


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Happy Birthday, Tess! 40 is (was) a wonderful age to be. Enjoy it to the fullest!

uncle graeme

tesstes, i didn't call but did send a fbook message. sounded like a perfect day. you deserved it!


happy birthday!

Dad Lyons

I agree that the Bootcamp is the better workout but some people pooh pooh it and claim you can really lose weight with the runs.

Love to all....Dad


Happy Birthday!!!

Sorry about the not tap dancing part. I had high hopes

Mo aka Maureen aka Grandmother aka Mum

Fabulous way to start your adventure of being 40, honey! You are gorgeous and I love you. M xox


Happy Birthday, Tess!


That Sela - so smart! Happy Birthday Dear Tess!! (Get well soon Pam.)

Jill Swann

Happy Birthday Terrific Tess! I know you will love your watch - what a fab gift! I have a Polaris and can synch it with my computer for training programs....a bit complicated for a simple girl like me, but smart looking and useful. Have a super day - you are such an amazing woman!

Love Jill


Happy, happy, blessed, fun, fabulous birthday, you are very brave about being the big 40 and not having any crises at all. I will follow your example next year, not the 12 km run, the happy peace thing!


Happy Belated Birthday from another 1970 baby!


Happy Belated Birthday to the most FABULOUS 40 yr old chick on earth!! I love you!!


Happy Birthday. Thanks for letting us share it with you. I sure am glad that I can look to my older sister-in-law for advice, on how to deal with the forties. Love always Bobb.


happy birthday--just popped in to see what you're up to and see you're up to birthdays! So happy birthday to you! And the garmin is fab. I gave it to my endurance-athlete-crazy-runner-husband a couple of years ago and he loves it--esp b/c he runs on old logging trails in mountains w/ no one around, etc!

Happy birthday, tess!

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