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April 16, 2010


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You're the mom - you can have cake for breakfast whenever you want to. The only one that will complain will be your waistline (or hips, depending)



Erin  A.

That was beautiful, Tess--I've missed reading your thoughts. You have such a wonderful way of expressing yourself. What a privilege to be able to share this outreach with your Mom and Dad and your kids. And thank you to Charles for sharing some of that with us through his photos. You can "feel" how excited and appreciative the kids were to have you all there.

Hope to hear more about your adventures in these pages over the next little while!



Thank you for sharing this, Tess! What an amazing opportunity for your kids to share an experience like this with both parents and grandparents.


So glad to see you back online Tess, and with such a wonderful story.


One very important point Tessie failed to mention was the stellar performance of the gentleman who played goal for the " Green Apples" soccer team.He was the star of the week.

Love to all......the STAR goalie.


What a fantastic time that you have all had - such a huge learning experience for your kids.

Love Trinie


Happy Belated Birthday from Texas!!!

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