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April 26, 2010


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I will go with letter c).
please Blake do the guest blog and i will pay you peanuts from the philippines..


Have them both do 'd) your choice' posts. If you don't treat your kids like you think you treat them she will take it upon herself to tell us. And get Blake to tell us about his adventure with the 'girls direct to you' thiing on his Vegas trip.


I am going to be greedy here and asking her if she would do a bit of both A and B. Please? :)


Oh I choose A! And B. Well, C would be great too for that matter...


Can I ask something unrelated to your last question please? What is the maths site you are using? I have found a great reading one for my daughter (6), but am looking for a maths one for my sone (7). Would you mind sending me a link?
I have read your blog for a long time - I think I found it as an expat blog somehow? I am an Aussie living in my 4th country in 10 years. Thanks for writing!!

Dad Lyons

I have never blogged a guest and am somewhat hesitant to know what that might mean or consist of.

Love to all....Dad....the curious parent.

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