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July 05, 2010


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Apple Police

Penny has an iPhone, not a Blackberry. It plays church bells when we call!


So good to see you here again...

You are right, when you can't be with family and friends and hear that something is happening in their area of the world you can't help but feel worried.

Its great when you hear no more news as in situations like this you know that no news is good news!


It was Carolyn who wrote me back Apple Police! Glad that Penny has an iphone though...we can share cool apps.

GDad Blake

To make things worse we just got news in Yellowknife that the ice bridge across Great Slave lake might melt.

Love to all...especially the non swimmers....Dad.


Just to help you out, it is spelled "solder" when they do that thing you were talking about. So maybe "soldering" would be right? Not sure!

Glad everyone is OK!


Our global cultural takes places and people miles apart, but technology brings us closer than ever.

There was a time we wouldn't have had the worry until it made a paper, and then we'd have to wait for a phone call to a land line & listen to a message on an answering machine if we'd been away when they called.

Technology has benefits but it does come with draw backs, doesn't it?

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