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July 20, 2010


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Phillip Greenwood

Thanks for the worthwhile guidelines. I am positive they'll be extremely helpful. Thank You :).


hey, this makes me cry!
Very cute, I pull my ear for you too Tess-Sweets.


Oh, he's growing up more and more.


What a beautiful recount. Your words, as always, fill in all the spaces and capture the moment. I've been meaning to ask if he called....
Love you,

Mo aka Mum aka Maureen Lyons aka M

Sigh and sigh again. Just beautiful, Tess. Love you.

Gdad Blake

Fire at Bear Creek today. The road was closed about 3 hours after we left for Vancouver. There were fires at Westbank last week.It seems our dire predictions may be coming true.
Please give my regards to all of you( include yourself in that group).
Love to all....Dad


I miss your posts!!


Me too! I've never commented before, but I do hope you are okay.

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