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July 01, 2010


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Odila Braga

Welcome back!! Long time you no show... good to hear all the news again. How cool it is to be able to see history repeating itself. Great!

la ellen

I looked at the marriage page. You were beautiful, but one of those lucky gals who has just become all the more beautiful with time!!!

Jill Swann

That is so special - which just goes to show that sometimes a love for something is in your DNA - like a love for music, drawing, animals.....but to love something so specific is even more special - and how wonderful for them to pick something that is close to your heart - I love it!!

Maureen Lyons aka Mum aka Mo

Mmmmmm, what a delicious blog, Tess. Absolutely loved JJ's comment about the favourite child!!

GDad Blake

Rather strange ambience...Charles down on his knee and some strange man tinkling on the piano.
I still prefer the whack the charming lady on her pretty head with a club then drag her back to some romantic spot. Things have really changed.

Love to all....Dad


So happy you're back to writing.

PS - what's wrong with a little bit rock and roll? ;)

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