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January 05, 2011


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A fun thing to do in Vegas is to take a shovel, stroll out into the desert and try to find Jimmy Hoffa.
Love to all...Dad

Maureen Lyons aka Mo aka grandmother aka Mum

Moonstruck is absolutely one of the best. Without a doubt.


Cher is an icon, but sadly, I can understand why MC might not want to go alone... ;)

I hope you'll be blogging while he's away. Of course, that is because I'm selfish that way.

How great is it that you have things you want to do that are keeping you from a trip like that? Instead of having a blank slate and felling like you can't go anyway.



Wait a minute... Joe In Vegas... of course!


He finally contacted me - got an email a few minutes ago, but will he be leaving already? You should have told me in advance (writing this Thursday evening 1/9)
Would love to have seen you too.


Someone's clock is off, last post shows posted Jan 7 at 11:36 am. You are a day ahead, it's Jan 11, 7:30pm here, Jan 12 in the midday there.

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