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January 16, 2011


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Maureen Lyons aka Mo aka grandmother aka Mum

Fabulous recount of a priceless story! And how proud am I about your 'responsible' actions of actually going to a doctor when you are coughing up a lung here and there. Good girl. xox


The World Book Dictionary set out 3 definitions for the word " chippie". The first 2 are rather charming . Definition 1 refers to a chipper sparrow. Definition 2 refers to a chipmunk.Definition 3 however is where things slide into sleaze and a bifurcation.
Anyone who is under age 21 should stop reading at this point.I shall count to ten to give you time to take your leave.
You are over 21 Tess so come back here and read this.
Definition 3a refers to" a frivoulous young girl; definition 3b refers to " a woman of loose morals".
In the words of the late Dezi Arnez character Ricky Ricardo..."You got some splaining to do."
In the interim Mo shall take over as the children's role model.

Love( definition 1 as set out in the above mentioned dictionary)...Dad

Eddie Spagetti

That sounded like sage advice from a wily veteran, about letting the Chippies melt first. And yes you are getting old, better watch all the running and the damage it will create on those knees, but with a lung full full of butter I doubt you are running anyway. Good idea about Bali, sounds like a wonderful idea. Hugs and Kisses


I love the sounds of this adventure... I am sure we will get our share of these types of story when Alex gets old enough.


Yes, the boys someday (to Mom's horrors) will change their definition of chippies. Glad that Granddad is around to point that out to them, but I think their schoolmates will be more helpful.


Interesting...so do you think that docs in HK overprescribe antiobiotics because they profit on the meds they sell? Is HK one of the main culprits in the resistance to antiobiotics phenomenon?


Hi gorgeous, Great to see that you are blogging again.

Your 'midnight' feast sounds like fun - however your lungs - not so much.

love you

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