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January 31, 2011


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This is what I get for reading your post backwards in my feed reader... I was wondering "who the heck is Alica??" :)


Er, Alice - don't want to muddy the waters any more!

Jill Swann

I have a dangly-toothed boy of my own, who does not like pain either. He feels it so much more than his impermeable brother. I was tempted to do the same, but have held back, waiting for the tooth to come out on its own. My vote: resist temptation, it won't stay forever. But have fun plotting interesting desserts of various firmness to help. We've lost teeth in bananas, an orange and yummy raison bread. Good luck, and if you do go in for it, don't get caught - have an alibi....!


Our granddaughter is down two front teeth. Charles said yours were a little older at getting to that.

Jenna Schrock

Have you tried doing something new with the Tooth Fairy thing? When my daughter had her first tooth lose, I told that if she place a glass of water beside her bed on her sleep she’d know what color her fairy is. So I put whitening color on the water when she was sleeping and in the morning she was very surprised and happy of course with some cash.

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