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January 13, 2011


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After a careful review of your post it seems two themes emerge:

1) you can always count on your children.

2) Don't keep your children in the dark.

Love to all....Dad


Counting to the kids either instills urgency (oh - better get moving before she hits 5) or laziness (oh, I can wait until she hits 4)


Long-time no speak, Tess, but I am enjoying this visit via your maternal observations! Highly relatable stuff...

A comment or two regarding the above:

I notice you were counting 'up',as in 1,2,3.... Have you considered the opposite? I.e. "10 minutes to get your 'jobs' done!". "5 more minutes! Are you going to be done on time? First one finished picks the bedtime story/music/bubble bath 'flavor'....". In my experience this tends to be marginally more inspiring than exhibiting 'weary mother syndrome' --because the onset of darkness tends to affect us, too....-- with various versions of Final countdowns!

Forbearance, my friend!

P.S. The grace we exhibit during the countdown phase of this system somewhat inspires our kids to extend THEIR mercy towards US!

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