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January 04, 2011


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Your holiday sounds perfect - just the right amounts of lots of things. Tell me, dear tess, what is wrong with sharing something that you love with your child? Don't apologize! What if these moments are the moments he remembers with great fondness as he has his own family - the times he spent quietly on the couch with his mom, enjoying a pleasure of yours (and then his) in a house that regularly buzzes with electric energy, but was loving, quiet and warm?

We all love rainy day memories of childhood, when the routine would change up on us, don't we? Consider this your rain-date with Seb.

So glad you are writing - no matter how long it lasts, it is such a pleasure to share the window in to your life.

Carolyn Caldwell

How delighted I am to see you writing again! Welcome back to blog world - we have missed you. ok, ok, I admit - I have missed the regular updates on my wonderful, talented, gorgeous neices and nephews. Did I mention how beautiful I think they are? And to sit on the couch reading with your son (my very handsome nephew) sounds like a perfect way to spend a few hours. Can you imagine your heartache if he could not read? Can you imagine your frustration if he could not sit still for long enough to read? Ah, you have taken advantage of his talent to read and your love to read and mixed them together in a relaxing time spent together. Well done, dear SIL! Love to you all, hugs and kisses all round.

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