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January 07, 2011


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Tess you WERE beautiful last night! :) Wished we had more time to catch up. We really got to get together for lunch sometime!

Charles in HK

Sonia, you're beautiful all the time. And, as I said last night...you were very CHANEL. (A huge compliment.)


LOL. I didn't mean to say you are not beautiful all the time but you were particular beautiful last night! ^_^


Glad to see you updating again and that everything is well.


The only thing I gleaned from your post was that there was a " COLD SPELL" in Hong Kong. We were in the midst of a minus 40( including the wind chill)cold spell. Mo and I were very busy knitting long,bulky sweaters for a group of sad looking brass monkeys.

Lonnve to all...Dad


Sorry about the misspelling of love. The cold spell caused the misspell. The warm spell is set out below.


Maureen Lyons aka Mo aka grandmother aka Mum

oh that Sebastian. He just makes me sigh with love and grandmotherliness. xox

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