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February 27, 2011


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Jill Swann

I missed your blogs....but what a beautiful reason - Happy Belated Birthday Blake!

Maureen Lyons aka Mo aka grandmother aka Mum

Loved your coverage of our fabulous celebration of himself, Tess. Not sure it was necessary to share every tidbit of information, ie: how someone's mother may have acquired a speeding ticket. Shhhhh. It was indeed a special time and I agree - next time, WARM is where it is at!! xox


Thanks for the report Tessie and thanks to all of my family and friends for giving me the best birthday yet.In regards to Mo's speeding ticket I cheered her up when I told her the photo radar only checks your speed and not blood alcohol level.
PS little note to RCMP Officer Swan...I am quite sure Mo was well under the limit.
Love to all...Dad


How can i read this while in YK and still feel like i'm missing home? Well written, Tess.

Happy Birthday Mr. Lyons!

Charles in HK

Ah haw... mental note... radar detector for lead foot mother-in-law for Christmas! After all, WWJD?


This time of year the Bahamas are very nice, as is New Zealand.
Glad you all had a cold good time.
Happy Birthday Blake!!


Awww, how lovely!!

Happy Birthday to your father!

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