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March 31, 2011


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Such a magical experience. I am so, so pleased that you got the opportunity to do this & to think it was a birthday present makes it that much more memorable.
I'm so happy that Janne was with you and that you two had so much pleasure it the simple things & that you two were so in sync! (Not like Justin Timberlake et al.)
Thank you for sharing - I feel like I got to go with you!!

Jill Swann

I can vouch for your brisk walking capabilities! Ha ha....uphill, along the Peak! I had to pretend I was interested in the same specimen of spider the entire way up in order to catch my breath! Beautiful adventure, such a great memory!

Maureen Lyons

So happy for you, love. Keep doing these wonderful adventures.

Much love, M xox


Does sound like a fun trip


SOunds like you had a fantastic time. Hope that there are many more fun adventures for you.

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