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March 14, 2011


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So where are you off to????

Jill Swann

It is so amazing that I can picture the places you write about, imagine the weather, feel the thrill of shopping in a foreign land, the taste of food at the boat club, the catching of a taxi....every story now refreshes my memories of our short visit to Hong Kong. Thank you for that gift. I'm smiling........


Sounds like you are busy, as always, but you make it all seem like fun. That's a talent.

My special talent is determining which scent deodorant I'll allow in to my home - some of them are awful.

Playboy Vegas, seems the most logical choice, without having smelled them.

Enjoy your family and your next trip!

Maureen Lyons

I can't get close to Dad as a long parade of women are following him since he put on his Vegas deodorant!!! He sends his love but is far too busy signing autographs for Vietnamese celebs and others. .... prizes for those people reading this blog that have figured out that Mo is typing as Blake dictates : ) We are happily in Hoi An and feel oh so blessed. Love to all in Hong Kong. M and B xox


Good for him, buying something Vegas over there!

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