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April 16, 2011


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Maureen Lyons aka Mo aka grandmother aka Mum

Ohhhh my Tessie!! Ai ya. Good for you and as usual you quite amaze me : )

Much love, M xox


Happy Birthday Tess!

A fantastic birthday for a fantastic woman!


Happy Birthday Tess! Haha. I am one of the HK girls who don't really get a night hike (first thing that popped in my head is - what about all the mosquitoes?) but can totally see why that would be the perfect thing for you to celebrate your birthday. And Terri is AMAZING! She has been working so hard right up till Friday afternoon! And a night hike and Philippines this morning? Wow!


Wonderful! What a great way to celebrate your birthday. One of my all time favourite memories is of climbing Mt. Fuji at night.


Next time you want to go on a virtual night hike you can march around the outskirts of Yellowknife in the middle of December and not:
1)Get hot
2) Meet any stinky animals
3)See spiders and snakes which are frozen and not visable under all the snow
Mom and I will let you and your friends sleep in the living room.
Love to all....Dad

Jeanne Yasso

Hey Tess, I was quite interested in your post when I saw it on FB. Very cool. I would have done it with you in celebration of both our March birthdays! I turned 50 this year, where is the time going? I totally would have liked a night hike, just a tad bit out of the ordinary, perfect. Miss you.


A group of us used to meet every Wednesday night at Parkview to do violet hill and the twins, it was great fun, an excellent work out, and especially good in the summer when day hiking got too hot.
Need to resurrect that - but things hard with the kids and move separation anxiety at the moment!

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