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April 30, 2011


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I grew up with very frugal parents. No toys or anything else given outside of birthdays ("save your allowance"),vegetables/fruit bought according to what was in season, and so on. BUT...when Dad came home from business trips there were always presents, and every so often when we went out shopping with Dad he might buy us a toy on a whim. We weren't allowed to drink sodas at home (both for money and health reasons) yet when we went on family camping trips there were always sodas for us kids in the cooler with the grownsups' beer.

What am I trying to say? That if you have general frugality but with set windows of splurges -- trips, or special days (Easter?), and the occasional surprise, it works out well. I'm a super-saver as a grownup and sometimes have to allow myself to splurge, but I think that's better than the opposite. And the occasional splurges as a child mean so much more because they're occasional!

Mo aka Mum aka Maureen Lyons aka M

I can't wait to read what your father - aka "Frugal Blake" - is going to write in response to this blog! Waiting.....

M xox


I was thinking the same thing, Mo!


Tess, so glad you think that way about kids learning about money and choices. We practice that in our home and it makes a huge difference. My guys are into discussing the options we provide and it's great to see how they weigh things. I don't think this kind of parenting is harmful, it teaches them that none of us have money trees in the back yard and that you have to earn what you get which makes it more precious in the end. Great job!


You are teaching the value and power of choices! We all have that, but not everyone learns how to execute on the notion.

Sounds like a FAB time & PS looked at the hotel site for pics. Way to go MC for the points!!



I am soooooo proud. One of the best blogs yet. Would love to say more but I don't want to wear out my computer.

Lots of Love to all....Dad


Glad you all had a good time. And massages for Charles!


How adorable is your Dad up there?

Do we get some photos? Should I beg MC for them?



Your ol Dad is a good chap! Tess darling, I am also horribly frugal. I can't help it. Gary is a big spender, the kids love going shopping with him. I hate being ripped off though.
You and I should go on holiday...I am thinking a nice youth hostel with a dorm.


I'm in the frugal boat with you - for some things. I don't mind spending good money on a good meal, but for a burger and chips? Or worse something the kids take one look at and say "yuck"? My view is that way you save money so you can later spend it without guilt. Like I always take mini-buses and buses, so that on the occasion I need to take a taxi, it's completely justifiable

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