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August 26, 2011


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A donkey kong?

Maureen Lyons aka Mo aka Grandmother

Did Seb's unhappy tummy get figured out? I loved the 2 minute comment re. his gas - man oh man, who times that?

How great is it that you are still reading and the kidlets continue to love it? Sigh.

Love you, honey - M xox

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The quest to improve the 5k is ON like DONKEY KONG. Yesterday I ran two, three minute “fast jogs” during my run. Next week I incorporate another “fast jog” into the jog, the next week another. The plan is to...


If your mother saw a snake like that she would be in the bathroom for a longggg time. Maybe you should give Sebbie a pucture of the snake that could assist him as and when needed. Somethings run in the family.
As you can see I forgot about the Baptist Credo.

Love to all( especially your dear mum).....Dad


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