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August 27, 2011


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Jill Swann

I'm no dream expert, but I've often found dreams that repeat themselves means there's something in the real world that is unsettled. I bet its the transition into the new jobs, the vacation away from MC, the move into the new flat, and the new school year .... and those are just the big life changes that I'm aware of!! Girl - you have just experienced some big events in your life and as a result, I am confident that your brain is seeking your deepest fears while you are helplessly asleep in order to put those in order too....you wait and see, when the dust settles, all will be right within the land of nod - of that I have no doubt!


Don't get your mother started on that path! She subscribes to the Baptist credo....Divorce...NEVER...Murder,...Hmmm.

Love to all....Dad


I agree, usually it means there is something that needs to be resolved. You are feeling separate from Charles and you don't like it. Can't blame you! As this all settles down into a new routine, the dream will likely disappear.

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