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September 10, 2011


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Your gain is Mo's and my loss.In anticipation of our welcome of a litle angel, who can do a smashing imitation of Elmer Fudd,I had stocked up on peanut butter and other fine foods.Oh well, maybe next time.

Love to all....Dad
PS....Mo has a fine collection of rather dog eared comic books for Carys to read should she decide to visit.

Maureen Lyons aka Mo aka Grandmother

Oh oh oh, Carys! This is one of your best stories EVER! While I am truly sorry that you won't be visiting Grandad and me for awhile I am very happy that you are staying at home with your family. Tess, you are a genius!

M xox

Jill Swann

Well played my friend, well played. I have a 'runner' as well.....and your method would have been more productive than mine was.....but then again, I was the one that allegedly caused the need to run away. Its been months since, but I may borrow your strategy! Glad it all worked out and little miss was able to get back on that horse and call her friend. XO


Oh, Tess! The things you are going through bring back so many memories! Melaina must have been about Carys' age when she decided to run away... all the way to the vacant lot next door. By late afternoon, she wondered if she might be welcome to come for dinner and by the time that was over, she had decided to move home again!

Auntie Pammie

I am trying to not laugh while reading this.. Carys is so a Lyons!!!
I do like the way you handled the situation and let her be in control, I have alot to learn from you oh great Jedi xo
ps) if she wants to run away to Canada again she can come here, we now have a swing set-teeter totter in the backyard to go with the pool. sandbox. playhouse, cars etc....


Looks like four kids is better than a degree in psychology.


I agree..well played!!! I love Jasper's desperate attempts to keep his sister safe... someday she will read this and when in doubt will know that Jasper loves his sister!! :) xo lyns


What were you thinking... get her to take the other three so we could have had some peace and quiet!


Tess that was brilliant! I have much to learn from you :) Will be tucking this little gem away in case one of my three decides to go...although I kind of like what Charles had to say as well and will remember to use that one as well.

marianne ablan cauilan

lol! i really did enjoying reading this! oh tess you are such a wit! i am so surprised. and finding humor at times of drama is just so cute.they really are a darlings! but i missed seb on the scene. and charles's comment, isn't that hilarious? nice idea hey! miss u ol!


Sweet, sweet blog...how do you have so much patience with the kids? Lovely. I came here via a link on Charles' LinkedIn ID. Loved it.

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