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November 30, 2013


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Welcome back.


oh the frailty of being a mother who is human....the beautiful lesson we all learn from each person who we love...


Happy Birthday, Seb!

glad to see you back to blogging, tess.


Oh Tess, you are a magnificent momma, not only because of who you are....but if you were perfect, then how could you ever lead by example when real life steps in? No wonder Seb forgives so easily...because you do too. I'm so glad you are back blogging. I truly missing your writing, and your friendship and your perspective. I really missed you. Welcome back!!

Maureen Lyons

Yes darling, the pain of being a fallible human being/mother/parent is very real, isn't it? Even though it does not ease your pain we have all been where you are - feeling like we have so failed our child. It sucks, doesn't it? Here is a Bible verse that has helped me many times when feeling like a useless parent: "The LORD delights in the way of the man whose steps he has made firm; though he stumble, he will not fall, for the LORD upholds him with his hand."
Seb is a very fortunate young man to have you for his mother. Carry on, Tess. You are so loved.

Blake Lyons

OK Tessie I will give you a big hug but you will have to stand in the corner for a short time out.


I will *NOT* stand by and allow those words stating, "This is a great example of how my little pieces do not get a good mother."
You are a wonderful mother. You are a loving mother. You are an enchanting mother. You are a working outside the home mother. You are an educational mother. You are a mother who wants her children to be prepared for a world which frowns upon forks hitting teeth at the important business meeting they will someday have to attend. You are a mother who has charming nicknames for each of your children. Nicknames which make them giggle and smile. You are a mother who shows them a path before God. You are a mother who works along side them, helping the less fortunate, teaching them the power they have to make a difference in a single person's life, as well as in the world. You are a mother who leads a life where you put them first when appropriate, but also teaches them that you and MC also come first, that life is balancing priorities. And at 11:28am you were an HONEST mom, showing a truthful reaction, and side of yourself. You showed that you are a forgiving mom, when you realized you could have reacted differently, and forgave Seb's tears, and asked Seb for his forgiveness. Many moms would have missed that realization or not humbled themselves to a child out of pride or ignorance. As you wrote about me, below, sorry is such a story word. YET, to be sorry shows that humans have moments in life to learn. The beauty in you, tess, is that you have humility and an open heart. You will never know the purpose of hitting your head against a wall, repeatedly, unless you have done so. Some lessons we learn when we see the wall, and avoid it. Some walls are far more difficult. You are who you are. A beautiful soul in this world. Seb is who he is in this world, with his own reasons for coming to you. Maybe this lesson is not for you, but rather for someone in the world who also feels your pain, and can forgive the choice they are searching to understand. I am sorry you felt a need to write that phrase up there. Truly. Your reaction, however, is far more defining of you as a mother and a person.

Lastly, I feel fairly confident in saying that Seb will remember the late night fizzy drink with you, and not how or why it happened. I also doubt (and please remember I have an elephant's memory) that it is unlikely that he'll even remember it was his 12th birthday or how the late night came to be.


Maureen Lyons

Thank you, Boulder. I so appreciated your response.

Blessings to you,
Maureen xox


I totally concur with Boulder!

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