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December 15, 2013


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Charles in HK

I apologise for any damage I cause and will try to stop stepping on toes!


Laughing at Charles :)

I hate people who are mean spirited or begrudge other people's happiness. It's a trait I find hard to ignore. That us my 'thing' that upsets me.

But yes, to answer your question - it shouldn't matter how our gift us received. We should give regardless. Having said that, it is annoying when someone seems at best oblivious, at worst ungrateful.


Maureen Lyons

Good question, Tess. Finding the balance between grace and not being a doormat which keeps getting tromped on .... and does the latter matter in the great scheme of things? Again, good question, Tess.

M xox


I give without expectation of a specific reaction most of the time. I am human, however, and there are times when it feels overwhelming to have the gift of time, love, Grace, and even material items dismissed. I believe it hurts me because I tend to see the moments of grace and forgiveness with great appreciation, and I have a hard time remembering that not everyone is the same. Some truly do expect the world to stop for them. I also think, for me, that it is about my "voice" being accurately heard. When one is dismissive, it is easy for me to jump to feeling misinterpreted. Which is far more about me than it is about them. I try to remember that, and the fact that I don't have to stay to the end with people I find oblivious or entitled. Life is short.

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