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January 19, 2014


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Maureen Lyons

Without a doubt, Tess, you are doing what is right - aka "the right thing" - for Seb. As you say, "If I am not my child's advocate, who will be?" Recently, I watched another mother of her young son, arrange for a specific medical test that no doctor would recommend. As it turned out this particular test's results has provided insight into her son's condition and as a result there is hope his situation will improve with treatment. So, carry on, darling. You do what you are doing. Seb is in good hands.

With much love, Mum/Maureen/Mo/MoMo. xox


I'm not sure aggressive is the right word here. Assertive maybe? Either way, you're right. You have to be your child's advocate. I am mindful of walking the fine line between being known as his advocate and "THAT mother."

Lucy Moran

Tess, you are doing a wonderful job. You are right you are Seb's advocate and you always will be. I work with families of children with special needs everyday and have listened to their stories, much like yours. I'm not sure what support there is in Hong Kong, but in Perth there is a charity devoted to supporting the well being of parents of children with additional needs (no matter what those needs are). Having seen Sebastian only a few times over the last few years it is so hard to comment on how he's doing, but from those few times we have spent together he has left a lasting impression on me and Hugh - he is a generous and caring sole. Hubie still counts Sebastian as one of his all time best friends. It would be great if we could encourage a relationship through letters or email or something - especially if you think Sebastian would appreciate it? Hugh starts high school in a few weeks and I know he is apprehensive - new school - new friends - new everything. Would you like me to ask him to write to Sebastian? It might help them both through this next transition. My thoughts are with during this challenging time. Lots of love Lucy


I think pple often misuse the word aggressive when they really mean assertive. Your is only Mommy and that means being his one true point, the person who advocates, argues and helps their child. And it knows dearest friend how down right exhausting that can be. It is mentally exhausting. But Seb is worth more than anyone's opinion! And I ALWAYS think you are amazing! He is lucky your his Momma.


Map for my tupos:
"His" not "is"
And "it" knows...should have been "And I know"...

Reading that made me think "it puts the lotion in the basket"

I am dreadful, I know





Hi, Tess. It's been a long time, but I saw a link on Facebook and ended reading a couple of your posts. I really appreciate your honesty here and I thought I'd chime in here with the perspective of a teacher. From my experience, it is parents like you that make our jobs easier, and these are the kids and families I am more than willing (and wanting) to go above and beyond for. You are seeking support, looking for answers and advocating for your son. It's our job to join you in that. It is when parents choose to deny or avoid realities that it makes our job hard. Press on! Love from Canada!

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