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January 26, 2014


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Kellogg's Gluten-Free Rice Krispies are delicious - I wonder if you can buy in HK? Sprinkle some cinnamon and blueberries on top yumyum. Can also make Rice Krispie Square Bars GF out of these!

Tina Winslow

I have to be gluten free (not by choice). If you need some Gluten Free hook up -I have found some great GF bread, pancake mix, cereal, pasta...etc. We could figure out a care-package system. Or I can share brands and see if you get them there.

Blake Lyons

I have fought too hard to stay at the top of the food chain to switch to gluten free. Peanut Butter loses its magic taste when it is faced with gluten withdrawal. Worse things happen when you wash down peanut butter on gluten free bread with soy milk.
I think my precious little grandchildren need to enjoy my culinary treats again!!!

Louise McKenzie


She has fabulous recipes for both low carb and gluten free. She uses almond flour and coconut flour. Good luck with the lifestyle change.


We've been gluten free here for 4.5 years--our son was diagnosed w/ autism spectrum disorder at the age of 2. Within a month of going gluten free his symptoms improved rapidly--his vocabulary doubled. It was WICKED HARD for the first month or two, and then it became simple. Now: second nature. Good luck with it! I hope it helps out.

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