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January 17, 2014


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Tess, your story could have been mine 20 years ago. During a first grade conference for my oldest son, I was concerned about his socialization so I asked his teacher "But does he have any friends?" She was a wise woman who had been teaching a very long time and she told the truth. "During recess he prefers to stay to talk to me," she said. Tears immediately started down my cheeks, and she reached over to touch my hand as she said "But that bothers you much more than it does him." She was right. He learned to reach out to others in his own age group more gradually than some do, but today he is a lovely, empathetic 27-year-old, a lawyer who just married the most beautiful girl in the world. Ease your heart with hope. All will be well.

Maureen Lyons

Thank you for putting your own raw pain to the side and returning to see Seb, darling. I love you and Seb and am so grateful for the sweet relationship you have.

Much love,

M. xox


Tess, "Momqueenbee" had it right….I was a "loner" before high school - I just liked my own company and was very content with it. I had no idea how it looked to others, it just felt good. As I got older I'd have that one good friend. And although I'm quite social, very comfortable talking to strangers and groups, I still quite enjoy being on my own, alone…I don't get 'lonely". Now, I'm not sure its to the degree that you see in Seb, but your descriptions and how you write are so genuine…it makes it relatable…I guess I just want you to know that it never bothered me. It may not bother him. So long as he is comfortable talking to others (I know he was great talking to Chris and I, never ever meeting us before!!) then he has the tools for getting along in this old world. I still don't have lots of close friends. I sometimes wish I had, but I don't 'feel' it in any negative way. You always want the best for your child….I have one that has 'too much drive to succeed'…how is that bad? Because the temptation to cheat or lie to get ahead is stronger in him…so I guess what I'm trying to say in this long ramble is its ok to feel protective when you see him on his own, but if he's content and not upset, that's a blessing too. XOXO

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