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January 23, 2014


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Tess, just to let you know I am reading your blog. Sometimes with exquisite empathy as you reveal your vulnerabilities with Sebastian, undergoing what Kitty and I have experienced (so many parallels) and sometimes with delight at exposed intimacies (cracking toes - haha! Love it) so joyfully shared with Charles. I pray for you all. Thank you for sharing the 'Dim Sum' and in the process, your company.

Marnie Keith-Murray

I love your blog. It is almost like sitting and having a cup of tea with you.
My random act of kindness yestday was giving a Heathrow express ticket valued at 21 pounds to a young traveller. He was shocked. I couldn't use it and it was way better than throwing it away. Th funny thing was everybody else in the line up turned and thanked me too,
England is lovely and am on my way back tonight on sleeper train to Londonand Toronto tomorrow. Sigh.


I guess Matt and I did a random act of kindness when we gave away our 4th Jesus Culture ticket to a stranger and wouldn't let her pay!

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